What happened?

Unfortunately, PCBSTools development will be discontinued due to lack of developer and our coding skills.

The most problem was, JSON data was gone after shutdown of MyJson website, and biubiu is not maintaining the calculator anymore.

Thank you for using PCBSTools.

Can I make similar website?

Yes, feel free to do it. Since this repository is licensed under MIT License, you’re free to modify, redistribute/fork as you like.

What is the plans after discontinuation of PCBSTools?

We will now focus on our second project, Ah_Roon’s Community Server, which aims to be user-friendly, free-to-play Source Engine Gameserver community.

We will back with great content :)

Will you remove Steam Group and Discord Server after discontinuation?

Nope, we are not going to remove it. We decided to keep it, since they want to talk about former PCBSTools. However, rules still apply. Do not mess up the community or you will get restriction from our community.

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